Mahogany Bay Cruise Ship Port

Spanning 20 acres of Dixon Cove, the Mahogany Bay Cruise Ship Port can accommodate two cruise ships. You will find the welcome center of Carnival Cruise in central Roatan. To be specific, it is located around three miles from Port of Roatan and Coxen Hole.


Visitors will be relieved to find out that the U.S. Dollar is used in Roatan. Aside from this, there are a couple of ATMs at the Mahogany Bay Cruise Center, so it is possible to withdraw cash from there. However, you will have to pay in cash in either U.S. dollars or Lempira if you buy something from a seller outside the port.

In general, we advise paying for your purchases with your credit cards or US$ cash. As a tip, make sure your US$ bills are not ripped and in good condition otherwise they will not be accepted, it is a also good idea to notify your credit card company and bank about your travel plans ahead of time. This will prevent any confusion and inconvenience.


It is a relief to learn that more and more North American and European wireless carriers provide phone coverage in Roatan. A lot of businesses on the island offer free WiFi internet access for customers if they are purchasing in a store or restaurant, just check with the local business for the WiFi password.


Roatan is an amazing place with an incredible range of activities. It is possible to snorkel, zipline, interact with local wildlife, shop, sightsee, and more on the island. Keep in mind that it is not possible to book last-minute tours or excursions at Mahogany Bay Cruise Center. You will not find local tour operators in the welcome center, and independent tour operator pickups happen outside the cruise center. Therefore, you should book excursions with a tour operator before your arrival.

Activities at Mahogany Bay Cruise Ship Port

Located beside the cruise port welcome center, there is a private beach with beach mats and chairs for guests. It is also possible to rent water-sport equipment. You will also find a chair lift, restaurants, and local stores catering to visitors in the welcome center.

For a true taste of Roatan we recommend guests book a tour with us at Roatan Collection, our experienced guides will take you on an unforgettable day of discovery as you explore all the islands attractions.

To learn more about our tours visit our Roatan Excursions page.

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